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PepeRaf miniRaf Tomato 9 kg box

miniRaf Tomato (Box 9 Kg)

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miniRaf Tomato (Box 9 Kg)

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miniRaf Tomato (Box 9 Kg)
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miniRaf Tomato (Box 9 Kg)


It is the smallest of the Raf, and usually comes from the canopies of the plant. Known as the "miniRaf", it keeps intact all the qualities of a Raf, but with a reduced size.

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Product description

The PepeRaf Raf tomato is cultivated following traditional cultivation techniques so its concentration of sugars is perfect, providing a great experience of flavors that you can combine to your taste.

It is a grooved tomato (wrinkled) and very fleshy with an intense green color with blackish strokes. And above all, do not be fooled, the real Raf tomato is not smooth or light green ... it's how we serve it in pepeRaf.


It is the smallest of the Raf. Known as the miniRaf has a more competitive price, but without losing any of the properties of flavor, texture and forms of the true Raf tomato.

This Raf is also known as "MM", and has an approximate size of less than 50 mm in its equatorial section. A real treat for everyone.


We pack it in corrugated cardboard boxes that maintain the maturation of the tomato constant and supports better than any other material the blows during transport.

In addition, corrugated cardboard is a recyclable material that allows reuse or recycling.


They should be kept in a cool place, as the sun or the high temperatures accelerate the ripening process. However we advise you not to put them in the fridge, as they will lose some flavor. Ideally, keep them in a fresh pantry as much as you can and when there is no remedy then go to the refrigerator.

If they are too mature do not despair, you can not imagine the experience that can mean a "sofrito", gazpacho or whatever you can think of, with a good tomato Raf.

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