The real Raf tomato

We are farmers, and now we bring you the authentic Raf tomato to your home, or business.

Authentic Raf Tomato Salad from Almería
Authentic Raf Tomato Salad from Almería

The Raf Tomato Store

Buy the authentic Raf tomato from Almería online.

Without intermediaries, and directly from our farm in Almeria, we have been cultivating a unique product for more than 50 years.


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Authentic Almeria Raf Tomato
Authentic Almeria Raf Tomato

Raf Tomato

How is the real Raf tomato?

A unique product, which we have cultivated for more than 50 years through traditional cultivation techniques, to obtain the highest quality.

This is a Raf tomato

The pepeRaf family

A family of farmers.

pepeRaf is a young and dynamic family business, based on the experience of three generations, we are committed to the continuity of one of the most exquisite and natural products on the market.

Our history

Cortijo de Los Vegueros
Cortijo de Los Vegueros


Noticias y actualidad del tomate Raf

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    Algunas curiosidades del tomate


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    Cultivo de Tomate Raf


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