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  • More than 40 years of cultivating the authentic tomato Raf

    More than 40 years of cultivating the authentic tomato Raf

    Now we take it directly to your home or business. Without intermediaries.
  • Family of farmers.

    Family of farmers.

    We are farmers, and we grow our tomatoes as our grandparents did.

Tomate Raf Fuera de temporada

Volvemos a finales de diciembre

Recuerda que el tomate Raf es de temporada, desde diciembre a mayo

No te dejes engañar!!!

"As farmers, we have to understand and realize the great responsibility that comes cultivate and provide food to consume thousands. And not everything, our products have to be healthy, and environmentally friendly."


  • The Raf variety is a 100% natural, which should NOT be confused with other hybrids, or imitations as: Delizia, Conquista, Marmalindo...

  • In our culture we do NOT use grafts from other varieties. They produce a larger fruit growth, but considerable loss of their properties.

  • In pepeRaf NO use hormones, or other chemical agent for growth or flavor enhancer. Our tomatoes taste like tomatoes Raf really.

The pepeRaf Club

The Raf tomato Club

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  • Always order a month with the maximum discount.
  • You will not have to order. We take care of everything.
  • And if you need more, we respect your discount.
  • You can unsubscribe anytime.
  • And at the end of the harvest, we give you a box of tomato Raf.

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Tomate Raf Fuera de temporada

Volvemos a principios de febrero

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The Raf tomato

The Raf tomato

A unique product, we maintain more than 40 years ago using traditional farming techniques, to obtain the highest quality.

Our crop
The family pepeRaf

The family pepeRaf

pepeRaf is a young and dynamic family business, based on the experience of three generations committed to the continuity of one of the most exquisite and natural market Raf tomato products.

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