Payment Methods

Pay securely at pepeRaf

pepeRaf payment policy

In pepeRaf we are very aware of the importance of giving security in the transmission of your data, through our website and our shopping platforms. This is why we have not spared when hiring the most efficient services.

The pepeRaf website is hosted on one of the most secure servers in Spain, profesionalhosting, which also provides us with the most efficient SSL security protocols.

This way every time you provide us with data, it will be encrypted and sent securely to our databases.

Similarly in pepeRaf we only work with serious and secure companies when providing payment gateways. When you make a payment through PayPal, or Servired credit card, you will be automatically redirected to the payment gateways owned by these companies, which are also certified through SSL protocols.

Payment methods

  • Payment by credit card / Debit

    You can pay your order through the secure payment gateway of our bank. By selecting this method you will be automatically redirected to this platform. The process is instantaneous and you will not be charged commission from us. (The system accepts Visa, MasterCard and Maestro).

  • PayPal payment

    If you have a PayPal account, select this payment method when confirming your order, and you will be automatically redirected to your secure payment platform.

  • Payment by bank transfer

    When placing and confirming your order you will be shown a page with the necessary pepeRaf data to send us the bank transfer. Remember that until we receive the payment, we will not be able to process your order.

  • Cash on delivery

    You will pay your order directly to the carrier. When booking your order you must select a shipping address, and the transport company will deliver it to you, upon payment of the estimated amount. This service entails management costs that are already included in the price of your order.

    Payment against reimbursement has a cost overrun of € 3 for management costs of the transport company.

  • Cash payment

    This payment method is only accepted for the collection of the product in our facilities. You make a reservation of your order on our website, and pay it when you pick it up on our farms.

Secure payments with pepeRaf

What is SSL?

In an SSL protocol, all your personal data is protected and encrypted before being sent for processing.

The latest advances in browser and server technology have facilitated the use of web services without worries related to electronic fraud. An example of this is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), developed by Netscape, a security protocol sent to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an Internet draft. Basically, the protocol allows the browser and the server of a web session to authenticate each other and protect the information that will subsequently flow between the two points. Through the use of cryptographic techniques such as coding and digital signature, the protocol: allows browsers and web servers to authenticate with each other; allows website owners to control access to servers, directories, files or particular services; allows you to share confidential information (such as, for example, credit card numbers) between the browser and the server, keeping it inaccessible to third parties; and allows to ensure that the data exchanged by the browser and the server cannot be corrupted, either accidentally or deliberately, without it being detected.