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Everything you wanted to know about Raf tomato.

About us

Actually, we have been studying the idea of ​​selling our products directly to the consumer for several years.

Currently, large marketers prefer Raf hybrid tomatoes that have more production and are more durable over time, obtaining a greater profit margin.

At pepeRaf we provide you with a fair platform, so you can buy the authentic Raf tomato.

pepeRaf is a family of farmers who grow, package and distribute only our product.

The majority of online platforms for selling Raf tomatoes are marketers or intermediaries that buy tomatoes at low cost to resell online. In addition, we only grow the original certified Raf, which is a natural tomato (not hybrid).

And all this gives us advantages:

  • Traceability: We only sell our product while supplies last, so you will find a unique homogeneity.
  • Quality: Nuestro producto no solo es natural, sino que además lo recolectamos y enviamos en el mismo día, sin intermediarios, sin cooperativas o almacenes que retrasen el envió, sin Our product is not only natural, but we also collect and ship it on the same day, without intermediaries, without cooperatives or warehouses that delay shipping, without cold stores that devalue its natural ripening process ...
  • Experience: We have been growing this product for more than 50 years.
  • Closeness: We are a family, and as such we treat our customers.

Ourselves. In addition to farmers, we have a great fondness for graphic design, so everything you can see on this website is its own creation (design, programming, images ...).

But we are not alone, the hosting and maintenance of hosting services we have left to ProfessionalHosting professionals, and everything that has to do with Marketing, Social Media and Communications Development in general, our Resolving friends.

About Raf Tomato

Raf are the initials of "Resistente Al Fusarium"

It was given that name as a natural seed variety because of its resistance to the "Fusarium" pest, a fungus that attacked Almeria crops especially with high concentrations of moisture.

The term "asurcado" is a generic way to call all tomatoes consumed in green for salad, including Raf tomato.

They are characterized by maturing from the inside out, and having more or less marked shoulders, with a certain irregular shape. Therefore "asurcado" is not synonymous with tomato Raf, it is simply a denomination that brings together both Raf and its hybrids and imitations.

No. "Pata Negra" was an attempt to designate the origin of the Raf tomato that emerged from one of the largest cooperatives in Almeria, the CASI.

In its first year, only authentic Raf tomatoes were allowed to be sold under this denomination, but from the second year on, they were allowing the sale of Delizia (Raf Hybrid) and the rest of hybrids and imitations. Therefore, what began as a great initiative to distinguish the true Raf has become one of the most subtle forms of deception.

This denomination never had legal effect, and I remain in a mere trademark.

Its real name is RAF, as is, and corresponds to the acronym of "Fusarium Resistant".

Therefore, hybrid varieties (Delizia, Conquista, Marmalindo, Adora etc) or their imitations (Iberian, Dumax etc) should never be sold as Raf, since this name corresponds to a variety, and is patented.

There is only one variety of authentic Raf tomato and it is called "RAF". The rest of the varieties, both their hybrids and their imitations, have other trade names and are thus registered.

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