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Frequently Asked Questions

Why pepeRaf now?

In fact we have spent several years studying the idea of selling our products directly to the consumer. Currently, the large marketers prefer hybrid tomatoes of Raf tomatoes that have more production and are more durable in the time, obtaining a greater margin of profit. At pepeRaf we provide you with a fair platform, so you can buy the authentic Raf tomato.

How do we differentiate ourselves from others?

PepeRaf is a family of farmers who grow, pack and distribute only our product.

The majority of online platforms for sale of tomato raf are marketers or intermediaros who buy tomato at low cost to resell it by internet. In addition we only cultivate the original certified raf, which is a natural (non-hybrid) tomato.

And all this gives us advantages:

  • Traceability: We only sell our product while supplies last, so you will find a unique homogeneity.
  • Quality: Our product is not only natural, but we also collect and ship it on the same day, without intermediaries, without cooperatives or warehouses that delay shipment, without cold stores that devalue their natural maturation process ...
  • Experience: We have been cultivating this product for more than 50 years.
  • Closeness: We are a family, and as such we treat our clients.
Who created the pepeRaf website?

Ourselves. In addition to farmers, we have a great love of graphic design, so everything you can see on this website is its own creation (design, programming, images ...). But we are not alone, the hosting and maintenance of hosting services we have left it to professionals of ProfessionalHosting, and everything that has to do with Marketing, Social Media and Development of communications in general, our Resolving friends.

Why is the natural Raf tomato so expensive?

To cultivate authentic Raf tomatoes, cultivation techniques focused on quality and not on production are necessary. In other words, you have to produce a few kilos to get the real Raf tomato. This means a production of less than 3 kg per m2, compared to the 10 - 12 kg that can be obtained with the hybrids.

The problem is that Raf hybrid tomatoes are sold at the same price as the authentic Raf.

What is the ideal form of consumption of Raf tomatoes?

It really depends on your tastes. The good thing about the Raf tomato is that it has characteristics of flavor, texture and unique aromas, and that during its ripening process these do not deteriorate, they simply change. For example, when the tomato is "pintón" (more green than mature) it has an unequaled mixture of sugars and acids that give it a special flavor ideal to combine or for salads. When the tomato is ripe it is developing its maximum concentration of sugars, ideal for paladares that like sweet. It's up to you.

A good advice is to keep them out of the fridge as much as you can, and if they mature a lot, use them in a gazpacho, a sauce... It will also be a different experience.

When are the real tomatoes Raf collected?

The ideal is to prepare the crop to start collecting in January and ending in May.

At pepeRaf we have staged our Raf tomato crops to offer them from the middle of December until the beginning of June.

How do you send the product to me?

Our tomatoes we send them in a box of expanded polystyrene EPS (cork) that manages to maintain a constant temperature of the product. In addition, we wrap them in wood chips to protect them essentially from the friction between them.

What if my address is wrong, or I'm not at home?

Our express delivery company will look for you at the address indicated in your order on the scheduled date. If you are not available, they will call you at the number you provided during your registration process to arrange another delivery day. If they do not locate you they will try again one day after the scheduled date. And if you continue without appearing they will leave you in your nearest office leaving you a note about it.

If the reason for not finding you is that you left us your wrong address, or you have changed your mind and want to be dropped off in another direction, they will enchant you, but you will be charged a supplement for doing so. Therefore, we advise you to think carefully about the address that you choose when you place the order, to check it if you have moved, or if you realize it in time, to call us to correct it before the transit of your order reaches the destination final.

What happens if the box is open, broken, or the product is damaged?

We pack the product and seal the boxes before delivering them to the carrier so if they arrive open or broken is not our responsibility. If you see that the product is damaged and you are not convinced its appearance, it forces the dealer to call us, or you do, but he is present. We take care of ourselves.

In pepeRaf we do not mind informing everything in our hand about the truth of the tomato Raf. Therefore we understand that if you place an order you know the conditions and characteristics of the product. And therefore we do not accept returns, unless it is considerably damaged as a result of transportation. However, any incident let us know and we will try to solve it.