How to buy at pepeRaf

Buying at pepeRaf is fast and safe.

To buy at pepeRaf you need to create a customer account with some of your personal data that will be necessary to send your orders, or generate your invoices among other tasks.

Your personal data will be sent to our databases in an encrypted form through SSL security protocols, and stored in a file in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on Data Protection.

And in case you did not know, you have the right to see, modify, or delete the personal data that you have provided us, as reflected in our Privacy Policy.

The registration, product selection and purchase system is similar to other websites, but if you have any doubts, these are the steps to follow:


Create an account

You can create your customer account in the top menu icon by clicking on "Create a customer account".

Next, you must fill in the registration form, and when your shipping address is necessary.


Add products

You can see our products available in the "Buy" button in the top menu.

Our products will be ordered and categorized. Select the product that suits you best and click on the “Add to cart” button.


Review your order

By clicking on the cart icon in the top menu, you will see a summary of your order.

Click on “View cart” to view it in an enlarged way, and finalize the order.


Finalize your order

In the last process, you will be asked to section your shipping address, type of delivery and payment method.

And finally you can review everything and confirm the order. You can see a summary of the confirmation, of which a copy will be sent to you by email.