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How to buy?

To buy pepeRaf is required to register on our website. We need to have your personal data to, for example, make the bills. We also need at least an address to send your products safely.

Your personal information will be sent to our database in encrypted form using SSL security protocols, and stored in a file under the Data Protection Act.

Do not worry we are not interested in pepeRaf your data, so if you do not want to continue to trust us call us and we will delete all your personal data.

The registration system, product selection and purchase, is similar to other websites. But if you still have doubts these are the steps to follow.


Registration process.

In order to make purchases pepeRaf you must create a customer account.

Login through the Login / Register button, enter a valid email address in the box CREATE AN ACCOUNT and confirm by clicking Create an account. Now you only have to fill a form with your details and address, and your account is ready.

If you are not registered and place an order, also you will be asked you to register, the process remains the same as explained above.

From this point you can already make purchases securely pepeRaf also keep track of your orders and expand or modify your data in "My Account".


Product selection process.

If you are already registered on our website, click on Login / Register and enter your email and password to access your custom page.

Now click the Go button to Shop located in the navigation pane on the left, you can select all the products you have at your disposal. Remember that products shall be classified by categories and groups to facilitate your purchase.

Once you have chosen the product you are interested select the amount and confirm your selection by clicking on Add to Basket. Perform this operation on all the products you want.

The products will be added to cart located in the top right.


Process order confirmation.

After adding to cart all desired products, click on the cart to access the order confirmation process.

The confirmation process will consist of 5 stages:

  1. Order Summary: A complete summary of your order will appear. At this stage you can add your coupons.
  2. Registration process: If you were not registered on the website, now would be the time to do so as explained in step 1.
  3. Shipping Address: At this point we must select both the direction where you want it delivered, as the address that appears on the invoice (if request). Also you can add new addresses if you need it.
  4. Selection of the carrier: It is time to select the method that best suits your needs to pick up or delivered. This step must accept our terms of sale.
  5. Select the payment method: In the last step you need to select the payment method you want to confirm your order and terminate the process. You will be redirected to the secure payment platforms pepeRaf.

At all times you will receive detailed process information by email, to track your order to delivery.

You can also help serve these videos where you can see the steps to follow to make your purchases safely. (The videos were made ​​on an older version of this website, although the process is the same).