The miniRaf tomato

What is the miniRaf?

All a delicacy in tomato Raf, but with a small size. An explosion of flavor in a single bite.

And it is not a hybrid, nor an invention of pepeRaf, it has been with us from the beginning, since it comes from the same plants as its older brother.

The miniRaf, is a real Raf tomato, only that, with a smaller size, and this happens when the fruit is the last of its bouquet, and especially when the plant ages and the fruits of the glass can no longer develop size.

Raf miniRaf tomato box

Tomato size miniRaf

When is the best time of the miniRaf?

Actually, it is a tomato that is produced throughout the Raf tomato campaign, only since February it becomes a spectacular piece of flavor and textures.

When the cycle of the Raf tomato plant has ended, it has already produced more than 70% of its production and there are only fruits left in the cups of the plant (top). Now only 20-25% of the total will be able to produce the size "G" (the normal ones), leaving the rest in a mini size.

However, what many do not know, is that these miniRaf tomatoes are able to absorb more sugar than their older brothers, being alone in the plant and without competition.

Exceptionally sweet

MiniRaf can concentrate more sugar than a normal sized Raf tomato. But beware, this only happens in the natives. Hybrids are not capable.

They are natural

Our Raf are natural, and the miniRaf too. They are the same tomato, the same plant... just change its size.


They are not the standard size, and that makes them special. You can prepare unique dishes and differentiate yourself from others.

And the price?

It is a historical issue, and of sales standards. We believe they should be worth the same, but... Take advantage.