Our sustainable crop

We grow our Raf tomatoes in a sustainable way and respecting their natural environment.

In pepeRaf we are committed to providing you with healthy foods, and to make a sustainable management of the resources that nature lends us.

We talk about something more than a concept. We promise to perpetuate the authentic Raf tomato as a pure breed, to use materials that can be recycled in our cultivation structures, to use natural resources efficiently, to grow without pesticides or unnecessary fortified fertilizers, to be fair to our customers and workers fairly assessing everyone's effort.

Our sustainable crop
Our sustainable crop

100% natural

Raf tomato is a purebred seed.

In pepeRaf we only use the original Raf tomato seeds that, unlike hybrids, are purebred. This means that they can be perpetuated over time (we have been doing it for more than 60 years) and are perfectly adapted to their surroundings and the resources of our area.

Our sustainable crop
Our sustainable crop

Sustainable structures

Reusing materials, we all win.

  • We use greenhouses with a “raspa y amagao” structure that allows us to collect rainwater for our crops.
  • We perform drip irrigation that guarantees a responsible use of water by applying irrigation only where the plant needs it, and in the fair quantities it requires.
  • The plastic materials of the roof of our greenhouses are thermal and without additives, and every three years they are changed and taken to a recycling plant. Currently we collaborate with several local entities in the search for biodegradable plastics that do not come from oil.
  • Once the cultivation cycle is finished, the plants are removed and taken to a composting center for Cogeneration tests.
Raf tomato pollination
Raf tomato pollination
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Integrated production

We do not need pesticides or fertilizers.

Our farm is unique, with special conditions of soil, water and climate, where the authentic Raf tomato is perfectly adapted. For a maximum quality crop we just need to let nature act.

  • The soil is only provided with cattle manure, which together with our salt-rich water provide everything necessary for this crop.
  • The pollination of flowers is done by bumblebees, and never with hormones.
  • It is a winter crop perfectly adapted to the climate so it hardly has any incidence of pests, and the ones we have are perfectly located and controlled through integrated fighting and the use of natural reservoirs.
pepeRaf comprometido con el ahorro energético en sus cultivos
pepeRaf comprometido con el ahorro energético en sus cultivos

Energy saving

We must not spend what is not ours.

At pepeRaf we commit to collect and ship on the same day to ensure the highest quality of our Raf tomatoes.

  • We do not need cold rooms because our tomatoes are shipped on the same day.
  • All work is done in a coordinated way and during the day, so we don't need night light.
  • Tomatoes are collected and packaged manually, and without resorting to mechanical means that are unnecessary for us due to the low production we have.