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3 kg box, ideal for couples or small families. Authentic Raf tomato mini with all its flavor, aromas and textures.

Hay lista de espera de 2 a 5 días hábiles. Tu pedido puede tardar un poco.


pepeRaf Raf tomato is grown on our farm following traditional and sustainable cultivation techniques, always betting on the quality of the fruit. For online sales, we select the best Raf tomatoes that come from original CLAUSE seeds.

The authentic Raf tomato is asurcado (wrinkled), generally bulging and not very large, of an intense green color, but not blackish, and of soft and crunchy skin.



The authentic Raf tomato is realizably small, and in pepeRaf we divide them into two: RAF and MINIRAF.

Your box contains RAF tomato with an mini size that varies from 2, to 5 cm of equatorial section. In the pepeRaf boxes, the quality prevails, so the size will not always be the same, nor will all the tomatoes be the same.



Our Raf tomatoes are chosen and packaged manually to select the best tomatoes. For shipping we use cardboard boxes that, in addition to keeping intact the properties of the tomato, and being resistant to shocks, can be reused and recycled.



The best way to keep them is in a cool and covered place so that they are not light. If there are too many, put them in the refrigerator isolated from other vegetables, and take them out a minimum of 5 hours before consuming them..



Raf tomatoes are collected in our farm in the morning, sorted and packed at noon, and sent by courier that same day in the afternoon. If everything goes well the tomatoes will be delivered the next day before noon, so you will have your tomatoes at home just 24 hours after being picked up at our farm.

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Corrugated paperboard
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3 Kg
Original CLAUSE
MM - Mini (Small)
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