How is Raf tomato consumed?

How does Raf tomato ripen?

Raf tomato ripens from the inside out

The Raf tomato, unlike most tomatoes, makes its ripening process from the inside out, so the experience of the farmers is essential to make the collection of their fruits at the optimal time.

In addition, Raf tomato has a high concentration of sugars, especially in its placenta, and a large amount of aromas and acid nuances that concentrate on your skin. These concentrations will vary as the tomato matures, being more acidic when it is greener, and sweeter the more mature it is.

How do you like Raf tomato more?

Tastes like colors, so those who like a salad where the tomato has all its sweetest characteristics, but with certain acid nuances, should be consumed as farmers call "pinón", that is, when it is still ripening. If, on the other hand, you are one of those who are sweet “you are passionate about” you must wait until they mature at all, although without leaving them too much, since when they mature they lose turgidity (strength) in their skin, and they soften very quickly as they are not hybrids.

What is the ideal color of a Raf tomato?

Learn how to consume your Raf tomatoes.

How is Raf tomato consumed?
How is Raf tomato consumed?

This is how we collect it at pepeRaf, you only have to wait a day or two.

Ideal to consume in salad, with more acidic nuances.

Ideal for the sweetest palates.

Too mature, you have to consume it soon.