When does the Raf tomato season begin?

Raf tomato, a seasonal product

The authentic Raf tomato starts in December, and ends in May.

The Raf tomato plant is seasonal, whose crop cycle lasts approximately three months. That is why, in pepeRaf we stagger our crops to produce as much time as possible, but always within the months in which the fruit acquires its highest quality.

Due to its climatic requirements, the authentic Raf tomato can only be grown from December to the end of May. Outside those times you can not grow, so if you find them for sale, they will surely be hybrids or imitations.

Calendar of the Raf


The Raf tomato plant needs mild and warm temperatures to be able to develop properly and that its roots are strong enough to withstand the winter. Thus the best time to plant the seeds goes from the beginning of September to the middle of October, which need a month for their seedlings to be transplanted.

Once the small Raf plants are in our farm, they will need about 3 months until the first fruits begin to ripen, and this is where the flowers need colder temperatures (from November to January), so that the Raf tomato leaves with the highest quality

Finally, and depending on the crop cycle used, the first quality Raf tomatoes will start in December, and their production can be extended until May, when the intense heat causes them to lose turgidity.