How big is a Raf tomato?

The authentic Raf tomato, unlike most of its hybrids, is a very heterogeneous tomato, with a size that can vary from 3 to 10 cm depending on the height of the bouquet where it is, and its position inside it.

The seeds that come from pure breeds, such as Raf tomato, and in natural crops such as we do in pepeRaf, vary the size of their fruits depending on the climate, position in the plant, and cultivation period.

We could make a lot of combinations with the sizes, but in pepeRaf we have decided to differentiate them only in two: RAF and MINIRAF.

Raf tomato caliber
Tomato miniRaf caliber

Differences between Raf and miniRaf

Is there a difference in taste between the Raf and the miniRaf?

There is only difference in size, since they come from the same plant, and are the same tomato. Even the miniRaf at the end of the plant's growing cycle can become sweeter than Raf, since as the plant ages, the fruits become smaller, but they concentrate more sugar.

Is there the same amount of Raf, as of miniRaf?

The percentage varies with the crop cycle, and at the beginning, the tomatoes are larger and therefore there is more Raf than mini, and in the end it is the opposite, the tomatoes are losing size, and therefore the percentage of miniRaf increases .

Is there a difference in price?

For now yes. Actually, they should have the same price, but over the years, and since the arrival of the hybrids that are bigger, people think that miniRaf are second-class tomatoes. But it is not true, the miniRaf are of as much or more quality than the Raf, although for now and due to the distrust of many customers, at pepeRaf we have decided to lower the price a bit to make them more competitive.

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